Novel Sing To The Dawn : Questions, Answers, Events, Evidences, Reasons, Tips To Get an A


To get an A


Moral Value/Lesson: We should be kind to others/to our family members

Dawan is a kind sister. She understands her brother and she is always kind to him, even though her brother turns into a bully after she wins the scholarship. After the fight at the market, she is worried about her brother sitting on the bridge in the rain. She thinks that her brother could catch a cold. She then kindly gives her only umbrella to her brother and she is willing to walk in the rain bareheaded for the sake of her brother. Besides, Dawan is also a kind friend to Bao and Dawan does not discriminate Bao and she shares her problems with her.

On the other hand, Bao is also a kind friend to Dawan and she offers Dawan a shoulder to cry on when Dawan is feeling down meeting the hypocrite head monk. She then kindly lets Dawan free a bird for free of charge to make her feel better. Bao says that just like the bird, Dawan has to fly while her gate still opens.

Dawan has a good reason to hate her brother Kwai but she chooses not to hurt her brother’s feelings. This is because she totally understands what her brother is going through. As a caring and kind sister, she decides to clear the air by giving his brother a symbol of love (an umbrella) - Thanks to Bao.

Bao is a girl and she wants to study just like Dawan. However, Bao does not have a brother like Kwai. So, she can see her dreams in Dawan’s victory in the test and she tries her best to help and motivate Dawan to not to give up.

If I were in Dawan’s place/shoes, I would………………...

If I were Dawan, I would ………..

Dawan wins my heart when she selflessly gives the umbrella to Kwai. I want to be like Dawan.
This event makes me happy / This event touches my heart. I have a brother too….Blood is thicker than water.

A friend in need is a friend indeed- Everybody needs a friend and Dawan is no exception. She needs moral support from Bao to pursue her dreams.  At the same time, Bao wants Dawan to change the old-fashioned thinking of the villagers and she wants Dawan to be the trailblazer to break the tradition. Bao does not want Dawan to be a victim of gender inequality/discrimination just like her.
If I were Dawan/ Bao, I would …………

Determination/ Bravery/   Perseverance

Determination-She is determined

She is brave/ She is courageous

Perseverance- She perseveres to
Moral Value:
1. We need to be brave in achieving our dreams.
2. We need to be determined to achieve our life goals.
3. We need to persevere to chase our dreams

Dawan is brave/determined in getting an approval/ a green light from her father for her to go to city school. To help convince her father, she bravely/ without giving up meets several people in the village.
She first meets Noi and Ghan to get their help to change her father’s mind. To her surprise, Noi refuses to help Dawan and she thinks the city is ugly and cruel to a young girl like Dawan. She further says in the city it is not safe for Dawan and mostly in the city young girls like Dawan turns into prostitutes or call girls. After hearing those things, Dawan perseveres/ is determined/ is brave to see those things for herself in city.

We can clearly see Dawan’s determination/bravery/perseverance when she talks back to her father. Her father wants to meet both Kwai and Dawan after he knows that Kwai comes in second in the test and he is furious/angry at Kwai for not telling him. The father wants to “brainwash” Dawan and Kwai so that Dawan could step aside to let Kwai go in her place.(because Dawan just a girl). Kwai stands by his sister’s side and tells his father that he could not go because that is her sister’s right. Suddenly, Dawan bravely speaks for herself and begs her father to trust her abilities and support her just like how he supports Kwai. Dawan’s words touch her father’s heart and he then tells her “then try my daughter”

Dawan then (after meeting Noi and Ghan) bravely/ Dawan perseveres and meets the head monk to get his help to convince his father. This is because the head monk is the respected person in the village and everyone thinks highly of him. Dawan thinks that the head monk could be neutral /unbiased/ non-judgemental who can support her because monks are usually not biased. She even goes to the marketplace to get a lotus bud to impress the head monk. However, to her disappointment, the head is as biased as other villagers. He asks her that “what could a mere schoolgirl” like Dawan learn in the city. He is clearly biased towards Kwai and he washes his hands (cuci tangan) of helping her to convince her father. Dawan is livid and she thinks that the head monk is a hypocrite.

I like Dawan because she is adamant/ determined/ brave because she is not influenced by the things that Noi says to her. When she sets her heart on studying in the city, by hook or by crook, she wants to go to city. I admire this quality. This makes her as my favourite character in the novel. Fortune favours the bold

In Thai culture, it is a taboo (haram) for daughters to talk back to their fathers. In every Thai household, father is the leader of the family and the members of the family should listen to him. As such, Dawan bravely talks back to her father because she wants to defend her right and she knows she is correct. Dawan’s father, like other people in the village, thinks it is stupid and wasteful to send daughters to school because they will finally end up in the kitchen- they are not useful to support the poor family. However, with her own efforts and words, Dawan manages to win her father’s trust.

We should applaud/praise Kwai’s action for being a pillar of strength/ a hero to her sister. He finally understands her sister’s feelings and he decides to stand by his sister’s side.  He even “blackmails” his father by saying that if neither of them gets to go to city, Tackhit would go.

Dawan bravely goes to the temple with much confidence to get a helping hand from the monk. However, it turns out that the head monk is as same as the old-fashioned thinking people in the village. Dawan is hopeless and heartbroken/distressed because the head monk refuses to help her. I think the head monk should have (patut) been more sensible and reasonable. As the head monk, he should have not judged Dawan on her abilities as a girl. Instead, he should have praised her for coming in first in the test and encouraged her to thrive in her life. He could have done that by talking to her father to let Dawan go to city. I think that is the real quality of a good head monk. In this novel, I feel like the head monk fails to do the right thing.

I support Dawan because she is clear about what she wants to do in her life. She knows that her only chance to free herself from the brutal system in her life is the scholarship and she does not want to waste the chance. She proves that where there is a will, there’s a way.

Thanks to father and Kwai for finally removing the obstacles/hurdles for Dawan to go to city school.

They (men) smoothens the path for Dawan and other girls in village to study in the city.

I am lucky because I have ……………….

I shed tears of joy when I was reading the novel .

I feel sad for Dawan/ I feel sorry for

I felt pity/sympathy for Dawan because no one is helping her to achieve her dream.

The action of the head monk makes me angry.

As a girl, I totally understands Dawan’s feelings. There are many capable world-class women personalities like Princess Diana, Theresa May, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Nicol Ann David. These women have proven to the male-dominated world that women could lead, solve and end a crisis-they could do more than just cooking.
If you were given a chance to change a part of a novel you have studied, which part would you change and give reasons.

How to answer:
State the part/scene that you want to change. Explain the ORIGINAL scene

If I were given a chance to change a part of a novel, I would change the scene where Dawan goes to meet the monk. Tell a bit about the original scene. What happens in the original scene.

Now explain what you want to change.

I want to change the head monk into a more reasonable person. Explain what happens if the monk becomes more reasonable.

State 2/3 reasons why you want to change the scene

I change the scene because ……………………………………………………….

Conclude the answer.


Latihan Tatabahasa : Maksud Peribahasa

Beri maksud peribahasa di bawah:

1.    bagai menatang minyak yang penuh
2. bagai ditatang di anak lidah
3. kalau pandai meniti buih, selamat badan sampai seberang
4. pandai menyelam air dangkal
5. timba air mandikan diri
6. yang tegak disokong, yang lemah ditopang
7. bagai duduk dengan cupak dan gantang
8. seduit dibelah tujuh
9. menarik rambut dalam tepung, rambut jangan putus tepung jangan terserak
10. umpama jari di tangan ada bercincin ada tidak

1.    Jawapan: Menjaga anak yang dikasihi dengan penuh kasih dan sayang
2.    Jawapan: Orang yang terlalu kasih akan anak dan isterinya.
3.    Jawapan: Orang yang pandai membawa diri, ke mana-mana pun mereka pergi pasti akan selamat.
4.    Jawapan: Orang yang pandai membawa diri
5.    Jawapan: Berusaha sendiri dengan tidak mengharapkan pertolongan orang lain.
6.    Jawapan: Orang kaya dimuliakan manakala orang miskin diberi pertolongan.
7.    Jawapan: Rakyat yang hidup di bawah kepimpinan yang adil.
8.    Jawapan: Pembahagian yang sama rata.
9.    Jawapan: Bijaksana dalam menyelesaikan masalah.
10. Jawapan: Melaksanakan hukuman secara tidak adil.


    Aktiviti Badan Beruniform dan Faedahnya

    Aktiviti Badan Beruniform dan Faedahnya

              Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia telah mendominankan kokurikulum dalam sistem pendidikan nasional. Langkah ini secara eksplisit menerangkan kokurikulum sebagai simbolik kepada kemasukan ke Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA). Oleh itu, badan-badan beruniform seperti Kadet Pertahanan Awam, Kadet Remaja Sekolah dan sebagainya mula dipromosikan dalam arus pendidikan negara.  

             Faedah-faedah yang boleh didapati apabila para pelajar menyertai badan beruniform adalah dapat memapankanketahanan diri. Dalam usia yang setahun jagung, banyak cabaran yang perlu ditongkah bahkan, formula ketahanan diri tersebut juga perlu diaplikasikanpada masa hadapan. Aktiviti-aktiviti lasak yang sudah termaktub dalam silabus badan beruniform seperti 'flying-fox', 'night-walk' dan seumpamanya merupakan pendekatan awal bagi membuka kotak penerimaan pelajar terhadap kepentingan hal ini. 

              Di samping itu, penyertaan pelajar dalam unit beruniform berpotensi memangkinkan semangat kerjasama ibarat aur dan tebing dan pembentukan disiplin mereka. Hal ini dapat dibuktikan melalui penglibatan pelajar yang mendesak ketepatan masa yang tinggi seperti aktiviti kawad kaki. Aktiviti tersebut memerlukan gemblengan tenaga yang maksimum daripada ahli-ahli pasukan bagi menghasilkan formasi yang mantap. Oleh itu, para pelajar yang menyertai badan beruniform sering masyhur dengan ketepatan masa dan disiplin yang tinggi.

             Persis peribahasa melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya, para pelajar juga akan diasuh tentang ilmu asas kecemasan. Perkara ini sangat berfaedah kerana apabila berlaku sebarang kecederaan, para pelajar boleh tampil menghulurkan bantuan. Tamsilnya, Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) merupakan unit utama di sekolah yang bertindak menyebarkan wadah kesihatan kepada ahli-ahlinya dan umum. Maka, tindakan ini dilihat sangat efektif demi memansuhkan kedaifan akal pelajar tentang ilmu kesihatan. 

            Akhirulkalam, semua pelajar wajib menyertai kegiatan kokurikulum untuk kemenjadian masa depan. Elakkan daripada tertumpu kepada kurikulum sahaja. Para pelajar perlu sedar  akan faedah yang terbentang justeru mereka harus mengikuti perkembangan sistem pendidikan untuk faedah diri sendiri.


    Soalan Latih Tubi Tatabahasa : Kata Adjektif

    Soalan Latih Tubi Tatabahasa : Kata Adjektif

    Isikan tempat kosong dengan kata adjektif yang sesuai

    21 Tapak tangan Pak Abu _____________ selepas mencangkul tanah di kebunnya
    petang tadi.
    A menggelupas
    B menggerutu
    C melecur
    D melecet

    22 Nana berasa ________ apabila ternampak seekor ulat di dalam buah mangga
    yang dikupasnya itu.
    A geli
    B haru
    C kelam
    D gundah

    23 Itik itu mempunyai bulu yang ________ air menyebabkan bulunya sentiasa
    kering walaupun berada lama di dalam air.
    A kesat
    B telap
    C telus
    D kalis

    24 Pak Tamin begitu ________ memikirkan anaknya yang belum pulang, apatah
    lagi hari sudah larut malam .
    A terkilan
    B runsing
    C murung
    D sengsara

    25 Keadaan menjadi semakin ________ kerana kedua-dua belah pihak tidak mahu mengalah .
    A pelik
    B gawat
    C runsing
    D rencam

    26 Bau ________ pada bajunya telah hilang setelah disembur dengan minyak
    wangi yang ________ itu .
    A busuk …tengik
    B hanyir… wangi
    C hapak … harum
    D hancing …mersik

    27 Cik Loh sangat ________ mendengar lagu yang dinyanyikan
    oleh biduanita itu .
    A ghairah
    B asyik
    C tekun
    D leka

    28 Durrah tergelincir semasa melalui jalan yang ________ itu .
    A becak
    B lembik
    C lembap
    D bengkok

    29 Tiang-tiang elektrik di tebing itu ________ selepas berlakunya gegaran.
    A serong
    B bengkok
    C bongkok
    D condong

    30 Motosikal yang dipandu laju itu ________ melanggar kereta yang
    datang dari arah bertentangan .
    A jauh
    B cepat
    C dekat
    D nyaris